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Share Snack Trays and Gift Baskets with your Family, Friends, Clients, Guests or Business Associates because it is a great way to say, “You are special and we appreciate you”.
Snack Trays in Eatern Iowa
Cheese Trays (served with assorted crackers) Priced from $23.00
Old Friend (3-cheese assortment)
Slightly Exotic (5-cheese assortment)
Adventurous (8-cheese assortment)
Sandwich Trays (Choice of rolls, sandwich bread or croissants) Priced from $25.00
Classic (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef)
Assorted Salads (Chicken, Shrimp, Ham or Beef)
Assorted Tea Sandwiches (Cucumber, Radish, Chicken or Turkey Salad, Carrot Cake)
Vegetable or Fruit Priced from $22.00
Classic assortment of fresh cut vegetables or fruit
Tropical Assortment
Meat and Cheese Tray Priced from $25.00
Classic (3-meat and 2-cheese assortment)
Something Different (Assorted smoked meats with domestic and imported cheese)
Adventurous (Chef’s Choice)
Buffalo Wings and Other Things Priced from $30.00
Wings (Tame or Torrid)
Barbequed Ribs (Sweet, Mild or Hot)
Smoked Brisket
Signature Salsa and Chips
Dessert Priced from $3.50
Assorted Cookies
Assorted Brownies
Chef’s Choice Fruit and Cheese
Assorted Chocolate Dipped Fruit
Julia’s Choice (includes Bedazzled Bonbons)
Fruit and Wine or “Design-Your-Own” Gift Baskets!
Trays will feed approximately 10-12 guests.
We would be happy to create custom gift baskets for you! Please call and share your thoughts: 319-551-3076
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Minimum order of 25
24 or less please call for rates
All rates are subject to change without notice.
Tableware accessories may incur an additional charge.
Catering service fee may apply.
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